Educating Talents

Educating Talents is an Erasmus+ project that officially started in 2022. The goal with Educating Talents is to develop and present models for educators in order to support talented learners across Europe.
We are an international team with partners from Belgium, Austria, Latvia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and France.

Why is our project innovative?

:weißes_häkchen: It is built on developed existing practices from schools around Europe.

:sämling: It is long-term and self-sustaining :nach_rechts_zeigen: where childrens’ education is as important as development of the teachers, educators and specialists to ensure the best possible education and programs effectiveness in the long term.

:lupe: Each child is different and with their own specific abilities, therefore the project focuses on the individual development of each child and personalized approach to reach their full potential by using methods and strategies that are tailored to their specific abilities.

    Projektleitung MMag.a Barbara Sabitzer


    Belgien, Lettland, Schweden, Niederlande und Frankreich


    Mag.a Eva Schmidthaler